Congratulations to Rich Talarico from Frankfort. He's among the nominees for an Emmy Award for the variety series: “Key & Peele.”

While congratulating Rich we took the liberty of asking a few questions.

What's been going on since the last episode of Key and Peele?

RICH: I've been working on a variety of projects such as a few TV specials for NBC such as Red Nose Day, Must See TV: All Star Tribute to Jim Burrows and NBC New Years Eve Show.  I also worked on a couple of TV pilots The Biggest Laugh for FOX and Yo! Is This Racist? for MTV.

I’m also developing a scripted stage show in NYC for MAD Magazine.  I’ll be directing and writing this show when it opens. We just did a week of development in April and tested out some players and concepts.

I also perform regularly (and irregularly) at iO West (improv olympic west) in Hollywood with my improv team Dasariski. I also teach improv and sketch writing classes in LA and around the US.

Do you get excited about the award shows?

RICH: I’m most excited about going back to Men’s Warehouse. And, yeah the shows are fun, it’s usually a great night out with the writers, we don’t see each other too much since the show ended.

What is your favorite episode of Key and Peele?

RICH: I can tell you my favorite sketches (that I didn’t write)
#6 – Fronthand Backhand
#5 – Rap Album Confessions
#4 – Yo Mama Has Health Problems
#3 – Ultimate Fighting Match Preview
#2 – Dubstep
#1 – Pizza Order

photo courtesy of Rich Talarico
BACK ROW LtoR: RT, Ian Roberts, Alex Rubens, Colton Dunn, Jay Martel FRONT ROW LtoR: Phil Jackson, Charlie Sanders, Becky Drysdale

What are you most proud of accomplishing with the writing team?

RICH: We made a great show together and owe everything to Keegan and Jordan. They made everything we did better. Proud of our multiple Emmy nods and our Peabody win in 2013.

What would your dream writing gig be? And for who?

RICH: I’m doing it. This is the dream. I love working on sketch and late night, and I’m doing more of my own stuff these days too. It’s already a dream. I’m developing a few things now with Key & Peele and other partners and seeking opportunities to get more of my original material produced.

When you win this Emmy where will you keep it?

RICH: Would likely put it on the hood of a car. Hood ornament style.

What food do you miss from here?

RICH: When I do come home, I really like to get Italian food. Or as it’s called back home “food.”  Greens seem to be something that grew in popularity since I left the area and I quite enjoy them.

Here's Rich Talarico and his girlfriend Tamela D’Amico at last year’s awards Emmy's.

Brendan Hunt/Courtesy of Rich Talarico
Brendan Hunt/Courtsey of Rich Talarico

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