A former local restaurant in central New York is being transformed into a new local market to help feed the community.

During the height of the pandemic, members of Abundant Life Community Church in Camden recognized the reality of food insecurity in the community. Members decided to create a not for profit organization called Restoring Hope Coalition, Inc., modeled after Compassion Coalition, Inc. a successful not for profit organization in Utica, that established a creative and economical grocery store whose profits sustain their mission. "We are doing the same thing by creating The Local Market in Camden," said Kathy Lynch.

Restoring Hope Coalition, Inc., aims to meet the needs of the local community and will be sustained by The Local Market. "The proceeds from the store will go back to Restoring Hope Coalition, Inc. and be reinvested into our community," Lynch said. "We will partner with other charitable organizations, so when you shop at The Local Market, you shop with purpose."

And this is just the beginning of what the Restoring Hope Coalition is hoping to do.

Establishing The Local Market helps to meet the first goal to provide food accessibility to our local community. "We will do this by partnering with suppliers who secure special deals on high quality, fresh, and affordable food."

Grab & Go ready-to-eat meals will also be made daily in the Coalition's kitchen, which will provide delicious, and nutritious food options at great prices.

Renovations began on the property September 1st and a sneak peek into the Local Market was held Saturday, October 3rd. "We hope to open before Thanksgiving," Lynch said.

The Local Market is located at 4114 Route 69 in Taberg, half way between Rome and Camden.

Stay up to date with on The Local Market our Facebook page. "The support from our community for this store is inspiring and we can’t wait to open."

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