You've hear of bomb sniffing dogs and drug sniffing dogs, now there's a fish sniffing dog. Cramer is a member of the Department of Environmental Conservation's canine unit and he's no one-trick pony, er ugh dog.

Cramer gained some special attention recently when he assisted with the arrest of some men fishing illegally at Robert Moses State Park. Cramer and his handler, Officer Chris DeRose responded to a call and found a fisherman in the parking lot waiting for a ride. When the dog showed interest in a patch of grass off the lot, the officer found 9 Black fish that had been caught out of season.

Cramer has been with the DEC for less than a year and is trained to not only smell fish, but venison and spent shell casings. He can also assist with tracking lost hunters and hikers. Check out the video to see Cramer in action.

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