Turns out the animal world has one similarity to ours, the annoying coworker. You know the one always in your face jacking their jaws. Our Wildlife Photographer William Straite captured the humorous pics as a Blue Jay continually taunts and harasses a majestic Bald Eagle.

William, who is bound and determined to catch the first flight of the twin fledglings he's been following since birth, spent four and a half hours in the field and it didn't happen. What did happen was a part joker, part suicidal Blue Jay landed near the adult Bald Eagle that was perched over its nest. "This Blue Jay proceeded to spend the next two hours driving the Eagle insane," said Williams. "It would land on a branch in the Eagle's face, sitting there taunting him. He would buzz bomb him, circle him, squawk at him."

Even though the adult Eagle is twice the size, the Blue Jay's quickness and agility enabled him to outmaneuver the eagle time after time. "The Eagle would swat at him and screech at him and no matter what that poor Eagle did, the Blue Jay refused to back off. I'm sure you can relate, as most of us have had one of those Blue Jays in our lives too."

Take a look at the hilarious photos.

Blue Jay Annoying American Bald Eagle

Blue Jay continually harassing Bald Eagle

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eaglets learning how to fly, eaglets strengthening their wings

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