Why ski down a hill this winter when you can bike down it?

The newest and latest fun on the mountain is Sno-Go bikes. Whether you're new to snow sports or just interested in changing things up from skiing or snowboarding this season, Sno-Go bikes are an easy alternative. It combines the bike riding motion with down hill skiing for any snow condition. And the best part; it's easy to learn.

A number of ski resorts offer the unique experience with Sno-Go bike rentals, including Swain Resort in Swain, Holimont Ski Club in Ellicottville and Mountain Creek in Vernon, New Jersey. You can get a full list of all the resorts with Sno-Go bikes at Sno-go.us.

Or you can buy your own Sno-Go bike that fits easily into your car. No more worrying about ski racks on top. The bike breaks down into three easy pieces, you can put in the trunk or even the back seat.

This winter, try something new.

Who wants to go on a Sno-Go?

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