New York is home to one of the best-bottled barbecue sauces in the country according to the Food Network.

Summer entertaining is all about having fun. Sometimes, even for the culinary wizards at the Food Network, making your own barbecue sauce is just too much of a hassle. Apparently, there's no shame in grabbing a bottle of some really good sauce and slathering it on your own creations.

Recently, the staffers at the Food Network shared their personal favorite barbecue sauces, highlighting seven different bottled brands that are available for purchase. Listed among them was one sauce that proudly says "originated from Hudson Valley, NY" on the label.

Food Network senior editor, Leah Brickley, waxed poetically about the Carolina Red BBQ Sauce created by the Hudson Valley's own Handsome Devil Barbecue. The vinegar-based sauce is a creation of Ed Randolph, who recently opened the Handsome Devil's first restaurant at 3 Corwin Court in Newburg (scroll below for mouth-watering photos of this incredible barbecue haven).

Handsome Devil
Handsome Devil

Brickley says that she was excited Randolph was able to capture the "sticky, sweet, and smoky blue-ribbon stuff" in a bottle since that level of sauce is usually only found at serious barbecue competitions.

It's perfectly balanced, subtly sweet and spicy with a nice smoke and tang. It's great on BBQ, but you can also slather it on fish or use it as a dip for fries.

Randolph is no stranger to the Food Network, having won a special grilling episode of Chopped in 2019. The pitmaster says he's humbled by the recognition. In an Instagram post, Randolph calls the mention "another proud moment for our small family-owned business." He says to have his sauce mentioned alongside legendary brands like Stubbs and Lillie's is "surreal."

You can grab this incredible sauce for yourself from Handsome Devil. Bottles are available online for just $6.

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