Guys, it may be a lose-lose situation when it comes to giving your lady flowers for no special occasion. Why? Well, according to a new survey, 75 percent of women think something shady is going on when they get flowers for no reason.

That's according to a Greggs Bakers survey that also found 50 percent of the men polled have stopped getting gifts for their significant other because they felt paranoid. Also, according to the survey, men, on average, will buy their partner three surprise gifts every year.

Now, women's feelings that flowers are suspect for no reason might be warranted as 25 percent of the women in the survey said their loved one has given them gifts in the past because they really did do something wrong.

I'd love to hear both sides here. Guys, when you get a surprise gift, is it because you did something wrong? And, for the ladies out there, when your partner gives your flowers or a present, do you have suspicions?

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