New York is honoring those lost and those fighting during the coronavirus pandemic.

During his daily briefing on Wednesday, Governor Cuomo directed all New York government buildings to fly their flags half-mast in honor of those who have lost their lives to the virus. The flags will remain lowered while New York in on pause.

Governor Cuomo said that while "there's no doubt that we are now bending the curve," the number of lives lost is devastating.

"Every number is a face, right. And that's been painfully obvious to me every day," Cuomo said. "Just to put a perspective on this, 9/11, which so many of us lived through in this state and in this nation, 2,753 lives lost. This crisis we've lost 6,268 New Yorkers."

Governor Cuomo also announced that on April 9th, the Kosciuszko Bridge, the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, the spire of the One World Trade Center and all LaGuardia Airport parking garages will be lit up blue to show support for the healthcare professionals and essential workers fighting the virus on the frontlines. The blue lights are part of a nationwide #LightItBlue campaign, and buildings, landmarks and LED screens across the United States will simultaneously light up to show solidarity and hope during this difficult time.

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Finally, the governor encouraged New Yorkers to continue to stay home and realize their purpose and responsibility to stay home and keep others safe.

"Stay home for the vulnerable people who, if they get this virus, are in a really bad place in life," Cuomo said. "Stay home for the health care worker who's in the emergency room because you don't want to infect anybody else who then puts another greater load on our health care system. So who are you staying home for? I'm staying home for my mother. It's not about just you. It is about all of us."

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