Fisherman can go to final resting place in style with casket boat. An unfortunate family accident has led to a very unique idea. Joel Schmidt, the owner of Glory Boats says the idea came to light following his father's workplace accident.

As his 74-year-old father lay in the hospital recovering from broken ribs after falling off a ladder, Joel was not only concerned about his health, but he realized he had no idea about Dad's final wishes. They finally had the conversation and at the end, Joel said, Glad to know your final wishes, otherwise, I might have just "buried you in your fishing boat."

Boom went the lightbulb and as they say, "the rest is history." The company builds caskets resembling the ever popular aluminum Jon Boat.  There are three styles to choose from; Woodland Camo, Marsh Grass, and even Pink Camo for the ladies. And before you think they're cheaply constructed, they are built to standards compatible with burial vaults.

Glory Boats is based in Little Rock, Arkansas, but Joel says they've been shipping them all over the country. Any of the options are the same price, $2,800. Get more information at Glory


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