Meet William Pruess

Here's a guy who has been committed to his community and has proven year after year to be a leader. William is a proud Police Officer for the City of Canastota, a role he has had for a long time.

Being a first responder is something William takes to heart. As someone who has been hurt in the line of duty, he will do everything it takes to protect his community.

Credit - William Preuss via Facebook
Credit - William Preuss via Facebook

He even participates yearly in the CNY Stairclimb, an effort taken by first responders to remember those hero's lost at the Twin Towers on 9/11. He says it is always an honor to climb in their name and participate in it every year with his brothers and sister.

He deserves to be recognized for his duty because he is a hero for protecting the citizens of Canastota.

Thank you William for all that you do. You are an inspiration to not only your other officers on duty, but to everyone else in your community as well.

Credit - William Preuss via Facebook
Credit - William Preuss via Facebook

Do you know a first responder that deserves to be recognized? Tell us about someone who should be honored in Central New York - a firefighter, police officer, EMT, forest ranger, paramedic, DEC officers, military, rescuers, front line workers, or any other person first on the scene.

Include their name, a picture, and why they should be recognized during 'First Responder Friday." We'll honor one first responder every Friday and as a way to say thank you, we'll give them an oil change from Jiffy Lube on Commercial Drive in New Hartford and a Bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.

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