When was your first Frogfest experience? Do you remember who performed that year?

My first FrogFest experience was in June of 2010. I just started working for Big Frog in fall of 2009, and was only on the air for the weekends. I volunteered to help watch the gates of FrogFest, and I also escorted Jeremiah through the crowd. It's a pretty important job, everyone needs someone to take pictures of them and the Frog!

I remember it being a hot day, but we had one heck of an entertainment lineup: Custom Taylor Band, Nancy Kenyon Band, Hillbilly Horns, Tim Creaser, TJ Sacco, Strung Sideways and headliner Josh Turner:


I remember when this song first came out, and of course, I remember listening to Josh Turner singing it on stage. It was a long amazing day. Of course we've grown a ton since 2010 with FrogFest.

When was your first FrogFest? Let us know below:


BONUS VIDEO- Eric Paslay Looking Forward to FrogFest Crowd Singing Along