Do you remember waking up Christmas morning and hoping to find that one gift? You wrote to Santa for weeks, you begged any relative, you wanted that one toy. Share with us your favorite memories.

It was Christmas of 1995 for me. I wrote to Santa religiously every day for Big Frank. Do you remember this toy? Big Frank was like the "Tickle-Me-Elmo" of it's time. His head opened up and had tools inside. You then would use these tools to "repair" his insides. You would have to open up his stomach, then twist the bolts around. His eyes glowed red, and he talked!

I'd take Big Frank over asking Santa for an iPod any day of the week! This was the last golden era of toys, the 1990's.


I woke up Christmas morning and all of my writing to Santa paid off! Much to my surprise, I had a talking Frankenstein toy on Christmas. I remember playing with this toy for years on end. I still have him packed away in storage hoping some day he'll bring joy to my future child.....or eBay. You can currently buy Big Frank on eBay for a nice pretty penny.

What was your favorite childhood Christmas toy? Share with us in the comments, we'd love to hear about it.



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