We had a bit of a late spring but (thank goodness) the weather has been pretty pleasant lately. In these times, don't forget your local farmers. They typically have about two weeks to plant their seeds to have the optimal growing time, so they're affected by heavy rains and late springs, too.

Of course, farmers often work long days preparing the field and planting, which is why you might see lights out in the fields if you drive along country roads at night. According to the New York Farm Bureau:

  • The average farmer is 55.8 years old
  • 98 percent of New York farms are family owned
  • New York farms have 6,866,171 acres in production

White's Farm Supply supports area farmers with 24/7 after-hours emergency service. If a large machine breaks down in the field, their service technicians will come right to the field to get it up and running again. Call 315-480-0078 for details!

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For homeowners, Doug White suggests being extra cautious looking for rocks and other obstacles during the first few mows of the season. In addition, the drive belt might be a bit stressed with dampness left over from rains, and if that belt becomes twisted, it likely will come off again even if you're able to get it back on properly. (Of course, White's Farm Supply offers service for lawn mowers, too.)

So, this spring, as you're trying to keep up with the quickly growing grass, remember to slow down for slow-moving farm equipment as farmers move it from field to field. They are working long, hard hours to support our food supply!

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