Having bras thrown on stage is nothing new for Luke Bryan. Having one hit him in the face is another story and it happened at his sold out show at Lakeview Amphitheater in Syracuse Saturday, August 12th.

"When you throw a bra at someone, kinda watch the face," Bryan told the fan. "Don't hit me in the face with something where your boobies were."

"We'll put it with the others," Bryan joked before continuing with the show.

The bra wasn't the only thing Bryan had on stage. Nik Meka of Rochester was brought up and the crowd booed because we was wearing a Pittsburg Penguins hat. "Don't boo an 11 year-old," Bryan told the crowd. "New York sports fans. His team beat my Nashville Predators and I'm not even booing."

After signing the Meka's shirt, Bryan gave him a hug and sent him back to his seat to "get your mom off my a$$."


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