The North Carolina family that went missing after visiting the Utica area have been found. Travis, Deanna and Cooper Franz were located in Tennessee early this morning. They all appeared to be in good health.

The family was last seen February 5th. "After visiting family in South Utica they went out for a bite to eat and weren't seen after that," says Deanna's dad Scott Franz who received a few texts February 6th but that was the last they were heard from.

Worried family members reached out to the police Friday, February 9th when they hadn't heard anything for days.

Utica Police says the family was found at a campsite in Rhea County, TN. Contact was made with the family by the Rhea County Sheriff’s Department late on February 11th.

Travis and Deanna are stationed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina but were in Utica visiting family members.

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