There's a place that's so haunted in New York even the goats are fainting.

Overlooking a 17-acre island in the Susquehanna River in Nichols, New York, you'll find The Fainting Goat Island Inn. It was named the Best Haunted Hotel by USA Today in 2022 and is nominated again this year. So far the Inn is in the lead.

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Guests of this former railroad hotel built in the late 1800s have reported numerous ghostly encounters, like being woken in the night by voices or seeing two women sitting for tea in the Fainting Room. Others report hearing footsteps on a staircase that doesn’t exist or finding a child-sized chair next to the bed in the Nubian Room.

The chair in the Nubian Room may be that of one of the most active spirits at the Inn - a little boy.

Credit - Fainting Goat Inn via Facebook
Credit - Fainting Goat Inn via Facebook

Hard to be Skeptical

Fainting Goat Inn owner Marie Streit told Binghamton Homepage she didn't know the hotel was haunted when she bought it but said it's "hard to remain a skeptic."

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The inn's haunted history has been featured on the Travel Channel's 'Hotel Paranormal' and is part of the Haunted History Trail in New York State.

"Guests have reported everything from gumballs being spilled onto the floor of an empty hall and eyes that looked back from mirrors."

Don't forget to check out the fainting goats if you go. It's more than just the name of the Inn. They really do faint. Why is another question?

Credit - Fainting Goat Inn via Facebook
Credit - Fainting Goat Inn via Facebook

Why Goats Faint

Not all goats faint. Those that do are spooked by loud noises or sudden movements, according to the National History Museum.

The sudden stiffening of muscles as the animal attempts to flee sometimes causes them to fall over, which looks a bit like they have fainted from fright.

I'd fall over from fright if I heard or saw spirits too.

Credit - Fainting Goat Island Inn/Facebook
Credit - Fainting Goat Island Inn/Facebook

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