The extreme cold temperatures hitting the U.S. are freezing parts of Niagara Falls, turning it into a scene straight from Disney's 'Frozen.' But the falls haven't really stopped falling.

Pictures show a frozen Niagara Falls, but actually the water never stops flowing. Ice forms every winter on both the Canadian and U.S. side of the Falls. Water freezes as it goes over the Falls, creating a large collection of ice below that can sometimes be well over 40 feet thick. The thickness of the ice varies depending on how long the cold hangs around. But for the water to completely freeze, cold weather needs to last longer, like the polar vortex in 2014 and 2015.

The falls have only frozen completely over once. Build up from ice glaciers on the Canadian side of the falls stopped the flow in 1848. Since then the falls have never frozen over.

Even though the falls aren't really frozen, they are still beautiful to see, with ice and snow creating a Winter Wonderland.

Extreme Cold Freezes Parts of Niagara Falls

The Canadian/U.S. border is currently closed to non-essential travelers due to the coronavirus pandemic. The closure was recently extended until at least March 21st.

For now, you'll have to enjoy the Winter Wonderland of the Falls on whatever side you live on until things open back up again, which could be awhile.

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