Frozen 2 Is Coming
Who wants to build another snowman? Disney won't let it go. They've announced Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Kristoff are coming back in Frozen 2.
Get Sneak Peek of New Frozen Fever
They're back! The 'Frozen' gang returns with the short 'Frozen Fever,' which will play in front of Disney's live-action 'Cinderella' March 13th. Get a sneak peek of Frozen Fever that premièred on Good Morning America.
Three Days of Frozen Has Mom Wanting To Kill Elsa
After three snow days during which her daughter did nothing, but watch and talk about "Frozen," one mother found herself at her wit's end. She captured her frustration on video as her daughter could be heard singing "Let It Go" in the background. "If…
Dad Infuriates Daughter By Singing 'Frozen' Song Wrong
When it comes to the Disney movie 'Frozen,' you can't mess with the music, especially in front of little kids. They will always know when you are screwing up the words. One Dad thought it would be funny to change up the lyrics to a song from the popular animated film and his daughter …
If Frozen Characters Were Country Stars
I finally got a chance to watch the popular Disney movie 'Frozen' over the holidays. There were no kids in the room. It was just me, enjoying a cartoon. At times it didn't even seem like animation. If the movie were real, who would play the characters? Which country stars could portra…
Little Girl Singing Frozen Gets Mad
It seems like the music from the Disney film "Frozen" is all the rage with young kids today. It's not just here in America either. Children from all over the world have grown very fond of the hit animated movie. One little girl in Belfast was trying to perform a private concer…

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