Team Blake and Team Usher step into the battle ring tonight on 'The Voice' for the knockout rounds.  Team mates face off, singing their own songs.  One stays and one goes.  Which is hard for anyone but especially hard for Blake Shelton two youngest singers, Savannah Berry and Danielle Bradbery.  We talked with both about being on the show and working with one of the funniest guys in country music.


Savannah Berry

Savannah Berry is balancing school work and being on Blake Shelton's team on this season of 'The Voice.'  The 18-year-old may be new to Voice viewers but she's been singing for years.  Savannah has her own YouTube channel and once sang with Sugarland after they saw her sing 'Stuck Like Glue.'  'I was invited to sing with them at the Ryman and was totally freaking out. But the funny thing is, a year before, I was watching an awards show with my dad and said 'I want to do a duet with Jennifer Nettles one day.''

Blake Shelton

Working with Blake Shelton is a treat for Savannah who calls him a big 'teddy bear.'  'He's so sweet. He's pretty much, what you see is what you get. How he appears on TV, that's how he is.  He says whatever is on his mind. But he really cares about his artists and getting to work with him has been such an honor.'

Savannah is a big Miranda Lambert fan and is hoping she gets to meet her idol one day.  Blake may be able to pull a few strings to make that happen. 'I think they've met once or twice,' Savannah jokes.

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Danielle Bradbery

Danielle Bradbery is the youngest in the competition.  At 16, she's blowing everyone away with her talent.  And she's NEVER had a vocal lesson.  How does she do it?  'I don't know.  I've been singing since I was little and basically taught myself.'  But now she's not only learning from Blake Shelton, but his mentor Sheryl Crow too.  'It was amazing walking in and seeing Sheryl Crow.  Getting her advice and Blake's is, oh my God. It's an honor.'


Danielle feels the same as Savannah about working with Blake, 'He's so funny but he's so laid back.  You can't talk to him about anything and he always knows the right thing to say.'  So what's his best advice for Danielle so far? 'With me being a little bit shy, he just tells me it's ok to come out of your shell. He's helped me build my confidence a lot.'

Hear Danielle Bradbery's Interview

Tune in to NBC tonight at 8 to see who Savannah and Danielle will sing against and what they'll sing.  We wish both the best of luck.