Did you know that 97 percent of the U.S. population is exposed to noise from planes, highways, roads, and more at levels comparable to the noise level of a humming refrigerator? How can you escape the noise pollution from across Central New York and beyond? 

Honestly, we are fairly lucky in Central New York. Most of the noise isn't all that bad.

According to a map from the the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Central New York on a whole, is below the 50 decibels (the humming we mentioned earlier). The hot spots of our region are right in the city of Rome, and Utica. The outer parts of downtown in both regions fall into the 45 - 49 decibel region. That means, the most sound you may experience is lower than a fridge humming. From there, most outer parts of our area are either 40 or less than that decibels. The Valley region seems fairly quiet too.

If you were looking to escape most of the sound, the answer is North. By heading up in the Adirondack Park, you will escape most of the city sound. If you head towards major cities like Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, and of course New York City, you will experience much more sound. New York City at some parts register 70 decibels or higher. That means, in that region you will feel like you are listening to a vacuum cleaner around the clock.

If you want quiet in New York, explore Upstate.




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