Eric Church is a "Break It Kind of Guy" in the final instant gratification track off his upcoming album series, Heart & Soul

The funk-infused song opens with an ear-catching guitar lick as Church beckons, "somebody turn it up."

Throughout the song, The Chief is a rule-breaking rejector of routine who keeps his gun loaded and spikes his coffee with liquor. Comparing himself to "forbidden fruit," the singer proudly states that he won't be told what to do and lives life by his own accord through lyrics, "When it comes to raisin’ hell / I’m ‘bout to take you all to school / Ain’t big on all your laws and don’t care about your rules / Yeah, I tell my eagle where to fly / If it’s not broke, I’m a break it kind of guy." 

Co-written by Church, Casey Beathard and Luke Dick, "Break It Kind of Guy" marks the first time the latter two writers have worked together. Church recalls the concept for the song coming together quickly.

"Luke was talking about how refreshing it was and how creative he felt in that setting, and then he said, 'I'm so surprised you would do it this way because normally people are like, 'if it’s not broke' – and when he said that, I went 'you break it,'" Church explains of the writing process. "We’ve got three songwriters in the room so immediately it turned into ‘if it’s not broke, I’m a break it kind of guy.’ It was a neat thing for the song to be born in that moment."

"Break It Kind of Guy" is featured on the three-part album's final installment, Soul. The album's release comes over the span of a week in April 2021, leading with Heart on April 16, the fan club exclusive — & — on April 20, and concluding with Soul on April 23.

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