The end of 2023 marks a once-in-a-lifetime event that could open the door to new beginnings in the new year.

Using only numbers December 31, 2023 is: 123123

If you believe in numerology and numerical significance, the end of 2023 will mark an emotional new year where you'll have a good time learning and growing in 2024.

Number 1: New beginnings
Number 2: Linked to emotions and having a good time
Number 3: Learning and growing

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Depends on Where You Live

The numerical date will occur again in a thousand years on December 31, 3023 but that won't be in our lifetime. And it only occurs in certain places around the globe.

In Australia and the United Kingdom, the end of the year will be 31/12/2023, with the date always going before the month.

Regardless of where you live, experts see the end of 2023 as a time for everyone to move ahead together and get insights into the future. But be careful though, not everything will be rainbows and roses in 2024.

Number 12: True desires
Number 23: Strong and steady energy
Number 31: Things not going as planned

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Two Years Come Together for New Adventure

Both 2023 and 2024 meanings come together for a reminder to trust the universe while working towards your goals in the year ahead.

2023: Represent truth and follow your inner feelings

2024: Is all about energy and brilliance

As you look back on 2023 and your feelings, look forward to plenty of brilliance to come in 2024.

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