We've all been "wowed" when seeing the price for making the healthy choice at the grocery store. Eat Smart New York is here to show you how to make the right choice for less. Take their free Cooking Matters Store Tour and you could even get $10 in free groceries.

If you qualify for SNAP or WIC benefits or your children are enrolled in Headstart you can take the Grocery Card Challenge for the $10 in groceries. If you're not qualified, you can still learn a lot about stretching your food budget while still making healthy choices. The program details how to cook dishes, meal planning and how to shop smart.

4 Grocery Store Tours will be in Oneida County on October 17.

Call 315-736-3394 extension 116 to RSVP or register on online. If you can't make the tour, there's plenty of tips and recipes at Eat Smart NY.com.You won't believe the chocolate cake and pumpkin pie. There's more grocery store tours coming throughout Central and Upstate New York.


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