If Easton Corbin could share a stage with anyone in the country music world, who would it be? Corbin told us all about it before hopping onstage at Frog Fest 2012.

"Merle Haggard," Easton told Matt Herkimer. "He's one of my heroes. I've never got to meet him before."

Can anyone out there hook that up? We'd love to see Easton Corbin and Merle Haggard duet on "Mama Tried."

Easton, who came directly to Utica from Nashville where he was doing TV appearances last week, also talked about the most interesting thing he's ever signed for a fan.

"Now the women sometimes, they like to expose..." said Easton, before stopping himself.

"I'll say this. Sometimes they'll get you to sign 'em, and they'll actually get it tattooed on," he said with a shy smile. "That don't happen very often. But once in awhile."

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