Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed a new bill into law adding vaping to the Clean Indoor Act. The passage of this bill places new restrictions on electronic cigarette usage in several indoor locations.

Adding E-Cigs to the Clean Indoor Act, bans vaping everywhere cigarette smoking is already prohibited. Governor Cuomo says,

These products are marketed as a healthier alternative to cigarettes but the reality is they also carry long-term risks to the health of users and those around them. This measure closes another dangerous loophole in the law, creating a stronger, healthier New York for all.

Several bans already exist in some business across the state and in July Cuomo signed a bill restricting vaping on all public and private school grounds, but this new law places the restriction across the state uniformly.

The decision was made due to the fact that ingredients in e-cigarettes are considered toxic and there is no regulation of what chemicals e-cigarettes contain or how much nicotine the user is inhaling. These factors could lead to long-term adverse health effects for e-cigarette users and bystanders.

So if you are a regular vapor you may want to prepare for doing so in the cold of winter. Bars, restaurants and public work places are not off the list of acceptable places to vape.

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