Clear the sidewalks! Electric scooters and bikes could soon be coming to New York because of new legislation out of Albany.

I first saw the e-scooters when I travelled to Baltimore last September. I saw people riding them EVERYWHERE and I was obsessed with the fact that transportation companies were bringing back one of my favorite childhood toys and turning it into a more sophisticated, realistic means of getting around.

I’ve seen the scooters and bikes all over cities in Washington and in Nashville, but a new bill out of the New York state capital will allow cities and towns to implement and regulate the devices if they choose, according to Biz Journals.

Some lawmakers in Albany were originally hesitant to bring them to New York, according to Biz Journals, and Governor Cuomo has expressed concern about their safety. There was uncertainty about how the devices would be regulated, but last week’s legislation defined the devices, set key regulations prohibiting riders under 16 years old, and allowed for widespread use.

Back in April, Capital District Transportation Authority chief executive Carm Basile expressed the ultimate interest in bringing e-bikes and e-scooters to the state at a State of CDTA presentation, according to Biz Journals.

“It’s gonna happen. There’ll be scooters here before you know it.”

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