The iconic fair food stand, Pizza Fritte, have gathered for several weekends to serve  customers as a drive-thru. Now, two other iconic fair food stands have joined in to create 'The State Fair Food Fest.'

Though it hasn't been officially cancelled, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced in one of his press briefings, holding the New York State Fair would not be a good idea this year.

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This Friday, Saturday and Sunday you can get your hands on food from not only Pizza Fritte, but also Big Kahuna and Ashley Lynn Winery as part of the State Fair Food Fest Drive-Thru.

Big Kahuna is known for their crazy combinations. During the 2019 fair, they unveiled the 'Big Kahuna Donut Dog' consisting of a hotdog wrapped in bacon with a maple glazed Long John donut serving as the bun. They also created 'Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Fries' and 'Caramel Crack Fries' for the 2019 fair season. For the drive thru, they will be serving their famous sausage sandwiches and gyros, along with french fries.

The State Fair Food Fest drive-thru will be held at the Orange Lot on the NY State Fairgrounds.

For now, state officials say the fair will go on as planned from Aug. 21 to Sept. 7. You might want to head out to the drive thru this weekend just in case to get your fair food fix.

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