If one of the things you normally do at the New York State Fair is enjoy a frothy beverage, you should know that beer is a touch different this year. But is it the worst thing in the world?

Not exactly. The issue is the actual size of the draft beer. In previous years the size has always been 14 ounces. However, that is a little bit of an odd size to have for a disposable cup. Don't you fear though, they didn't go down to a 12-ounce cup, nor an 8-ounce cup. Actually, the New York State Fair did something a whole lot better than that.

According to Syracuse.com, the New York State Fair has ditched the 14-ounce cup in favor of a 16-ounce cup. One pint of bubbly carbonated goodness will now be in your hand when you get a draft beer at the fair for the 2021 season. The reason is actually quite simple, just like mentioned above, 14-ounce cups are a little odd. With an oddball size, and national shortages a change had to be made.

That isn't the only reason you'll be holding a different cup in your hand though. Another good reason is that the NYS Fair this year actually ditched the cups with the fairs logo on it. One could only assume it is a cost-cutting measure, but that leaves it up to the vendor to take care of the cost.

This could hardly be considered a bad thing, who really would mind a few extra ounces in your cup?

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