The family of George Floyd hired prominent forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden to perform an independent autopsy. Dr. Baden is no stranger to historic cases, or to Upstate New York.

Dr. Michael Baden Bio

Dr. Michael Baden is the former Chief Medical Examiner of New York City and past Co-Director of the New York State Police Medico-Legal Investigations Unit. Through his career, he was Chairman of the Forensic Pathology Panel of the U.S. Congress Select Committee on Assassinations that re-investigated the deaths of President John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the 1970s. Along with that, he's worked on many other historic and important cases:

1) He was the forensic pathologist member of a team of U.S. forensic scientists asked by the Russian government to examine newly found remains of Tsar Nicholas II, Alexandra and the Romanov family in Siberia in the 1990s.

2) He has been an expert in multiple Iraq-related court martials in the United States and Camp Liberty, Baghdad.

3) He has also been an expert in the investigations concerning Medgar Evers, John Belushi, Yankee Manager Billy Martin, Marlon Brando’s son Christian Brando, O.J. Simpson, Jayson Williams, Kobe Bryant, Robert Blake, and Las Vegas hotel owner Ted Binion. He has investigated deaths in Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Israel, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, Monaco, Panama, England, Canada, Zimbabwe and other countries for human rights groups and private attorneys.


His Connections To Upstate New York

Baden has held many teaching jobs, one of which was in Albany. He formerly worked in the Capital Region as a professor at Albany Medical College and autopsied bodies at Albany Medical Center

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His Work On The George Floyd Case

Dr. Baden's independent autopsy concluded that two other officers at the scene contributed to George Floyd's death in a manner that conflicted with the original autopsy performed by the County Medical Examiner's office.

“There are three mechanisms by which we breathe that can be obstructed that can cause death, obstruction to the nose and mouth, compression the neck or compression of the back. All three were operative here, the pressure on the neck prevents blood flow, impairs blood flow to the brain, which has oxygen in it. It impairs breathing and air into the windpipe and trachea and into the lungs, which diminishes the oxygen going to the blood," Dr. Michael Baden, the forensic pathologist who performed the independent autopsy on Floyd, told Fox News."

Baden goes on to explain to Fox News that police are under a "false impression” that if someone speaks that means they can breathe.

“Unfortunately, many police are under the impression that if somebody talks, they're breathing. That's not true, There's two things happening here. One, he couldn't inhale. Two, the lungs weren't getting oxygen from breathing in, and the blood vessels, the carotid arteries in particular, bringing blood to the brain didn't have much oxygen in them. And the blood flow to the brain was impaired. There's also marks on his nose and face that would indicate that at some point they were pressed against the ground, the roadway, which would impair breathing, too,” Baden explained.

You can read, and watch the rest of his interview here.

Conspiracies On Dr. Baden's Involvement In George Floyd Case

On Reddit, Dr. Baden's name is all over the conspiracy board. Many are posting asking how a Doctor involved in so many historic cases for the U.S. Goverment is front and center in this case:

Why did they have a closed casket funeral? He suffered no injuries that would require hiding the body from grieving family and the world

They had to use one of their crooked deep state crooked doctors to promote their official report/agenda..."

If you'd like, you can put on your tin foil hat and read those comments here.

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