A group of 4th graders in New Hampshire took a field trip to the state legislature because they wanted to make the red-tailed hawk the state raptor (bird of prey). What was expected to be a fun-filled trip that would allow kids to learn how government works turned into an absolute nightmare!

John Oliver is the host of "Last Week Tonight" on HBO. He featured this segment on a recent episode and when I watched it, I couldn't believe my eyes! Instead of passing the bill that FOURTH GRADERS DRAFTED, some state representatives argued AGAINST IT, with the kids present in the session.

One representative talked about how New Hampshire already had a state bird. One got extremely graphic in describing the manner in which a red-tail hawk kills it's prey. One state legislator even went as far as saying the red-tail hawk would be better served as the mascot for 'Planned Parenthood.' Again, the students who proposed the bill were THERE!!! So, I pose the question once again. Does the New Hampshire State legislature really hate 4th graders? The bill was voted down by a margin of 133-160. Wha does that tell you? All these kids wanted to do was make one of the world's most common hawks the state raptor. I would think they'd have more important issues to argue.

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