During one of our "Are You Smarter Than Polly" contests we learned 1 in 4 teens think cheese comes from a plant. Even more thought tomatoes grew underground. Understanding how and where their food comes from, is an important part of a child's development. The Master Gardeners at Cornell Cooperative Extension have a suggestion on the perfect way to teach them. 

Don't let this suggestion scare you because it can mean many different things. The suggestion is... grow a garden. Now don't go buy 40 acres and a tractor, you can do something as simple as growing some special grass for rabbits or birds. If you want to share how food goes from the field to the table, grow something simple and small that you can eat. Here's how to start.

Decide what you're growing and who are you growing it for. A corner of the yard can work for growing something for the animals. For your own consumption it can even be grown indoors in a container.

Timing is everything. Plants and vegetables grow best at certain times of the year. The back of a seed packet will tell you everything you need to know.

Whether you decide to grow for rabbits and birds or for yourself, indoors or out, here's the best tip you'll ever get, use the knowledge of The Master Gardeners. It's all online and free in their fact sheets or talk to an expert in person, call the Horticulture Hot Line at 315-736-3394 between 9 and noon Wednesday and Fridays.



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