Filthiest Cities in the Nation Put Spotlight on Two in New York State

Which city has the honor of being named the dirtiest in New York State? It may not be where you think.

HouseFresh analyzed more than 12 million sanitation-related complaints over the last year, such as garbage, waste, and recycling, to find the Dirtiest Cities around the country. Where is the trash the worst in the Empire State?

Not New York City

It's not New York City. The Big Apple isn't as dirty as you may think. It only came in at #17 on the list.

The city has a surprisingly low complaint rate of 3,728 per 100k population — in comparison to the 21,616 complaints made by the inhabitants of the glamorous — albeit dry, dusty, and dirty — Los Angeles.

Dirtiest in New York City

Brooklyn, where the population has jumped nearly 7% in the last 3 years to over 2.5 million, is home to the dirtiest place in the city with more than 7,600 complaints.

With such a high turnover of people using the borough as their base, it’s no surprise that its cleanliness has suffered as a cost of its hospitality.

Credit - HouseFresh
Credit - HouseFresh

Cleanest New York City

New Hyde Park has the honor of being named the cleanest New York City zip code with less than 200 complaints.

A quieter neighborhood nestled in the suburban sector outside of Queens, the New Hyde Park area is away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan.

Dirtiest in New York State

Where is the dirtiest place in New York State? Buffalo.

The city came in at #9, behind big cities like Boston, Memphis, Los Angeles, and the dirtiest of them all - Baltimore.

Credit - HouseFresh
Credit - HouseFresh

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