If you are a DirecTV customer, and love the Olympics, then you will unfortunately miss the second half of the coverage from Rio. Even if you don't enjoy watching the world-wide games, if your favorite TV show is on NBC, you won't be able to see it. Due to an ongoing new agreement negotiation, programming from WKTV and all channels associated with it will be discontinued effective August 10th, 2016.

According to News Channel 2,

WKTV’s parent company, Heartland Media, and DirecTV are in the process of negotiating a renewal of the current retransmission agreement between WKTV and DirecTV. This agreement is scheduled to expire on August 10, 2016. Without a renewal, DirecTV will no longer carry WKTV’s programming and content. Over the past several months, WKTV’s owners have attempted to reach a new long-term agreement with DirecTV in the hopes of preventing any interruption of service for viewers. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to move forward with DirecTV, little progress has been made.

What alternative does WKTV suggest? They recommend if you wish to continue receiving their programming, including the 2016 Summer Olympics from Rio, that you switch your service to either DISH Network (1-866-629-9658), or Time Warner Cable (1-855-826-5008). Other stations impacted by these negotiations are The CW, CBS-Utica (2.2), and MeTV. If you have any further questions you can contact WKTV during regular business hours.

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