For a guy who’s on the road as much as Dierks Bentley, naming a song ‘Home‘ could be seen as a sort of wistfully ironic joke. But in the case of Bentley’s latest single, currently hovering outside the Top 40 at country radio, the title ‘Home’ has more than one meaning.

“I think that title of that song is special to me because I’m coming home to country music,” he told CMT during a recent interview. “I’m on the road all the time, so everywhere we go has a hometown feel.” 

In the song, Bentley sings about flying over the western part of the country and missing his native Arizona. But as much as he might cling to those childhood memories, he says he’s learned to love the road. “I miss the West, and I love Arizona, but I’m just so lucky to be able to travel the whole thing,” he explained. “The whole country feels like home to me, actually.”

But musically speaking, Bentley only has one home, and that’s country. Speaking about his upcoming seventh studio album, due in February, he said, “It’s done, but I’m like, ‘I can be more done.’ It will be a very country album, with steel guitar, fiddle, banjo, Dobro and all the acoustic sounds I like. We were just gonna call the album ‘Country,’ but it’s called ‘Home.’”


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