Dierks Bentley knows how to entertain a crowd!  Tad and I had planned to watch a few songs and head home so we could get some sleep before for our morning show Monday morning.  Before I knew it we were watching the encore.

Before Dierks hit the stage, he invited us to Whiskey Row for a few beers. We met his band, his friends and got to spend a little one on one time, just shooting the breeze.


Dierks Bentley's Navy Seal Friends

While at Whiskey Row, we had the privileged to meet a few friends of Dierks'. All three are Navy Seals and we thanked them for their service.  It was a honor to spend time with such nice guys.


Drinkin' With Dierks

Sarah Bush was hoping to drink with Dierks and promised not to puke like one fan did on Friday in Pennsylvania.  She got her wish, but she also got SMOKED by Dierks who shotguns a beer faster than anyone I've ever seen.

There was puking, it just went on backstage in the Whiskey Row bar. It wasn't Tad or I.

Performing To Everyone

Dierks played to everyone in the crowd, from the front row to the back wall.


Livin' On A Prayer

While on a small stage at the back of the Utica Aud, Dierks remembered his first concert, when he sat in the back row too. That concert: Bon Jovi.


Dierks even managed time for a few fan selfies.


Dierks ended the night by giving his guitar to a small fan, I'm sure he'll have for life!

Andrew Derminio

Randy Houser & Eric Paslay

Randy Houser and Eric Paslay got the sold-out crowd ready for Dierks. Eric Paslay kicked off the show and he's as big as his vocals. I had no idea Paslay was that tall.

For a guy who was sick a few days before, Houser brought the house down. That guy can SAAANG!


Dierks Bentley Photo Gallery