If you take the few hour drive south of Central New York, you will land in Binghamton. The people of Binghamton top Central New York when it comes to Mac n Cheese.

They host each and every year the Mac & Cheese Festival. This year, is the 4th edition being held on Thursday April 4th.

There have been some rock star couples throughout history, like Romeo and Juliet, Ross and Rachel, Mickey and Minnie, but there’s no doubt that Mac & Cheese are here to stay! They are quite the duo and have been inseparable from the beginning. This love affair is one for the records and we want to share their story! Mac & Cheese have always been a classic couple, but rumor has it they are ready to branch out and be adventurous. Look out, Southern Tier, you’re their first stop!"

Tickets are $30- includes all you can taste mac and cheese. You can find out more online.

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