The movie is sweeping the nation as one of the scariest movies of all time: the IT remake. In Syracuse, one woman actually had a heart attack in the movie theater and died during the showing.

According to the Sunday Post, the incident occurred at Regal Cinemas in Syracuse, New York. One woman attended the new release screening with friends and had complained of chest pains and difficulty breathing during the movie:

According to witnesses, the woman let out a large scream and then collapsed in her seat. The woman’s friends called EMTs however by the time they arrived the woman was unresponsive and died at the scene."

If you scare easily, this may not be the movie for you. However, this story is untrue, and not from Syracuse New York. It's actually from everywhere.....well, it changes per city.

This story is an internet rumor. It is popping up all over the nation. The exact same story magically takes place in a Monroe cinema in Louisiana. 97.3 The Dawg called their local theater and were told of this hoax.

Sunday Post has created this story in several cities across America. Granted the movie is scary, but it isn't causing a mass heart attack everywhere.



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