Another retailer is closing their doors due to restructuring of the company.

Confirmed in an email to, Aldo Group said they will be permanently closing their location in Destiny USA. The shoes/accessories store has been a long time tenant on the first floor of the mall.

"Our ALDO store in the Destiny USA Mall in Syracuse is being closed as part of our corporate restructuring process," the company said. "At this time, however, we cannot confirm the time of the closure."

Back in May, the retailer filed for bankruptcy protection as a result of the pandemic and the result it had on their sales.

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“It's no secret that retail has changed rapidly and significantly in recent years. We have made great strides in transforming our business to meet these challenges," said Aldo CEO David Bensadoun. "However, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have put too much pressure on our business and cash flows."

Bensadoun went on to explain that Aldo is one of the world's leading fashion shoes and accessories brands with a solid track record of growth and profitability for nearly half a century.

Aldo isn't the first fashion retailer to close their doors inside Destiny USA. Others include J.C. Penney and Lord & Taylor. Best Buy will be closing later this year.

You'll still be able to shop with Aldo online 24/7 for some of the best styles in shoes. We know it's inconvenient for some that they're closing, but shopping online does have it's perks sometimes.

If you want to save money, become a member of their loyalty program and you'll be able to save 15% off your purchase.


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