What some call their Sunday morning drink of choice is the classic Bloody Mary. Usually the need for this beverage is a result of a rowdy weekend. Well, how about giving this popular cocktail a new twist at this years Great New York State Fair? If you love this breakfast of booze, then you need to stop by the Bloody Mary Bar.

With the Bloody Mary, you usually think tomato juice, celery, horseradish, olive, and of course Vodka! But did you know you can get chicken wings on your Bloody Mary as well? That is one of many options available at the special bar set up this year at the fair that is dedicated specifically to the popular cocktail, and there's no telling what they'll put in one next. You'll have to find out for yourself this year courtesy of the fine folks at the Empire Room and Patio in Syracuse.

The Great New York State Fair runs from Thursday, August 25th, 2016 til Labor Day. You can get tickets for entry on the fair's website.

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