Central New York deer season has ended, football is down to the playoffs and no one from New York made it, so now what?  The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation suggests trying Snowshoe Hare hunting. You won't have up to get up at the crack of dawn and there's plenty of good nearby hunting spots.

The Northern Zone season runs thru March 17 and the daily bag limit is 6 hares. There are 3 locations near Central New York to hunt:

There are many other areas to hunt hare around CNY, but the season only runs through February 28 and daily bag limits are only 2.  When stalking them you will have to do some walking, Snowshoe Hare feed at night on bark and twigs and spend most of the day soaking up the sun, when possible, near small evergreens and thickets.

Get more information on the hunting season for Hare. And while not required, the DEC would appreciate reporting what you encountered while hunting. It helps them maintain an accurate count on numbers and their health. It can be done online. And if you're unfamiliar with eating rabbit you're in for a whole new delicacy. Here are some recipes and instructions on how to cut up a rabbit.


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