Every week the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation investigates several cases of deer poaching, hunters illegally using bait to attract deer, or hunting at night using lights. The charges and fines usually turn out to be mere slaps on the wrist. But a Missouri judge added something unique to his sentence.

The Missouri Department of Conservation called it one of the state's largest cases of poaching that encompassed 3 states and Canada. The 3-year investigation ended with several members of one family being charged with taking trophy bucks often at night. Making it even more maddening, the offenders often took only the head or antlers leaving the carcass to waste. Authorities estimate they took hundreds of deer.

While the poachers did receive several thousand dollars in fines, a small amount of jail time, and a loss of hunting privileges, the judge included a unique twist to the sentence for the ringleader.  According to the Springfield News Leader, David Berry Jr. got one year jail with the added stipulation he watches the Disney movie, Bambi once a month.


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