Can you guess what Polly is drawing? It could land you tickets to see Brad Paisley at Turning Stone February 18.

Beginning Monday morning at 7:10 Tad & Polly play 'Tick-Tionary,' their version of Pictionary. Figure out what Polly draws and win tickets to the Brad Paisley concert at Turning Stone's Event Center February 18.  Since Polly's drawing abilities are about as good as her singing, we'll give you hint. All answers will be related to Brad Paisley.

Watch Polly's 'Tick-Tionary' attempt every morning and call 315-736-0104, 1-800-839-1043 or hit call us on the Big Frog 104 app at 7:10am to win.  Check out the video below from a previous round of Ticktionary.

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