When Brad Paisley hits the road, he does it in style. The artist showed legendary late night host Jay Leno around his tour bus for Leno’s car show on CNBC, Jay Leno’s Garage, and it’s amazing.

Paisley says he modeled the bus after a 1958 Corvette, and it’s clear to see — down to the last detail. Whether it’s the hubcaps and paint job on the exterior or custom leather seats and sleek decor on the interior, Paisley spared no expense to bring his dream car to life in a tour bus.

“We wanted it to be fun,” he tells Leno in the feature.

Paisley and Leno sat in the $1.74 million vehicle and discussed their mutual love of cars, starting with the first car Paisley ever owned. In high school, the artist was already playing small shows around town, and he was able to save up enough to get his own car.

"I would get a couple hundred bucks every time. And before long I had $3,000 and bought my [1984] Chevy Cavalier,” he recalls.

But the first one he adored was his first Corvette — a 1999 C5. He and Leno agreed that the model was a milestone for the company, marking the year it really began the journey to becoming what it is today.

"They realized what they have here. Which is to me the most iconic American automobile. It just really is the flagship for our country,” Paisey says.

Fans can check out the inside of the tour bus in the video clip above.

Paisley just announced he will release a new record in 2017 called Love and War, which will include his unique collaboration with pop star Demi Lovato, “Without a Fight,” and his current single, “Today.” It’s slated to have several other out-of-the-box collaborations with artists including rocker Mick Jagger and hip-hop producer Timbaland.

“I wanted the collaborations on this record to be collaborations that took me outside of what you’d typically think and brought that other world into this, but it’s also very country,” Paisley says.

He and buddy Carrie Underwood recently hosted the 50th annual CMA Awards, marking the ninth consecutive time the duo have headed up the event. Paisley also has a new exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame titled Brad Paisley: Diary of a Player.

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