New York's Department of Environmental Conservation wants to convert the Day Use Area of Hinckley Reservoir into an official state campground. Currently the agency is looking for the public's input on the plan. See the proposed outlay of new campgrounds and facilities.

The plan would take about 5 years to complete with a total cost in the range of 7 or 8 million dollars. The proposal calls for the following additions and amenities:

Up to 150 campsites
2.8 miles of road
4 comfort stations
Construction of a hand-carry boat launch facility
Construction of a multi-use trail system
Construction of a pavilion at Price’s Point
Construction of playground in day-use area

Other camping amenities would include a trailer dump station, solid waste and recyclable collection building, and extension of the water and electric system, plus replacing many current buildings. A proposal for additional campsites was actually approved back in the '60's but was never completed.

The DEC encourages residents in the area to complete an online survey and will be accepting public comments until October 2nd.  You can check out the proposed trails, campsites, and other additions below and get more info on the plan at the DEC's website.

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