When it comes to undercover police work, usually you'd think drug bust or gun running. In this case, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation went undercover for the Salmon Run.

The Fall Salmon Run always brings crowds of fishermen to Pulaski's Salmon River from the middle of October to November. Some of those fishermen are actually Conservation Officers in plainclothes keeping an eye on things. Officers Ricardo Grisolini and Rob Howe were doing just that and found several people attempting to take fish by snatching, not only illegal but very sportsmanlike.

While on surveillance over a 2 day period, they found four men snatching fish with illegal hooks and keeping them. That's two tickets, one for trying and another for succeeding. One of the four was also cited for an expired fishing license and another fisherman was cited for trespassing.

As they say, "ignorance of the law is no excuse." It's each person's responsibility to know the fishing regulations and what's private and public land. Review all the rules at the DEC's website.


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