DEC demands Tonawanda Coke Corporation to cease and desist operations. The move comes after the company continued to ignore warnings about air pollution and safety at the plant.

DEC Commissioner, Basil Seggos had the order hand delivered and even sent it certified by mail...

TCC’s operations show a blatant disregard for the environment and the health and welfare of the surrounding community. Should TCC fail to comply with this cease and desist demand, we will pursue other available enforcement options

The official filing cites the company with repeated inspection failures; 4 times in May, 4 more in June, and another 3 in July. In addition to failing air pollution tests, the company has been charged with improper storage and disposal of hazardous materials.  On top of ignoring the warnings, the Coke Corporation was upfront about their plan to ignore suggestions made by the state on reducing oven temperatures to reduce air pollution.

The DEC plans to revoke the companies air permits August 4 if they don't gt in compliance. The Tonawanda Coke Corporation plant began operations in 1917 along the Niagara River about a mile north of Buffalo. They take coal and turn into a purer form, coke that is most often used in high-temperature furnaces for melting iron.

You can read the Commissioners official charges at the DEC website.


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