Jessica and Chris Alter of Deansboro struggled for years to start a family. Their miracle baby finally arrived after 9 years, but 4 short months later, he was gone. The community has now come together to help the parents deal with their heartbreaking loss.

After 9 years of struggling to get pregnant the Alter's turned to a fertility doctor in January 2017. "We found out we were pregnant right around the same time as Jason Aldean and his wife," says Jessica. "I used to never be able to listen to 'We Laughed Until We Cried' because the part about trying so long and almost giving up hope just hit too close to home. When we finally found out we were pregnant, I framed those lyrics  and gave them to my husband to tell him the news."

Jessica Alter

The good news hit close to home for Aldean too who sent a message to Jessica about her upcoming baby. "I Instagrammed the story to Jason to tell him how his music helped me surprise my husband, and he answered."

Jessica Alter

Lincoln Wayne was born on Thanksgiving Day 2017. "He was perfect," says Jessica. "Always smiling and happy."

Lincoln loved country music, especially Brantley Gilbert and Thomas Rhett. "Every time 'Marry Me' came on he would smile," says Jessica. "He wouldn’t eat, look at anyone, or acknowledge anything in the room other than that video." Lincoln even had a Brantley Gilbert onesie.

Jessica Alter

On April 3, Lincoln's second day at daycare, Jessica got the call no parent should get. Lincoln was found unresponsive during his nap at day care. "He was taken to St Luke's where they could not bring him back to us. Our little miracle we had waited 9 years for was gone."

Lincoln may have only lived 4 months but he touched many lives, even complete strangers. "Bryiana, the wife of Rob Dydrek from MTV donated $2,400 to a Go Fund Me campaign friends set up," says Jessica. "I have no idea who she is or how she saw it, but clearly, the story struck a chord with her. I have desperately tried to message her on Instagram to thank her."

Several other central New York companies stepped up to help including Claycomb Auto Sales, Universal Yoga and Massage Center, Owens Pavlot and Madison Granite who custom designed Lincoln's headstone. "The one that really got me was A Vitullo’s where we went to find a matching outfit for Lincoln and my husband," says Jessica. "He asked what the suit was for and I lost it. They donated Lincoln’s suit for his funeral. It was truly heart warming."

Jessica Alter

Dr Kiltz, one of the top 10 fertility doctors in the country, sent a message to the ALter's the day after Lincoln's funeral. "We were so shocked and touched. I told him he WILL be seeing us again, because we do not want to give up on our dreams of becoming parents. He then told us when we are ready, he will be doing our IVF free of charge."

"In a time when people can be so cruel and filled with hate, this experience has taught us there are genuine, kind, caring people out there."

Lincoln Alter