Ok I'm not afraid of heights or speed or anything like that, but there is always a line and Darien Lake's new ride is a line crosser for me.

When 2019 rolls around you're going to see two new things from Darien Lake. First, they'll be officially changing their name back to 'Six Flags Darien Lake' after Six Flags bought the park back earlier this year.

Darien Lake was previously owned by Six Flags from 2000 to 2006.

Second, they will be unveiling a new ride that will become the tallest thrill ride in New York State when it's completed in 2019.

According to WKBW.com in Buffalo, Six Flags is building The Six Flags SkyScreamer - a giant version of 'the swings' that we all know from county fairs and carnivals.

The Six Flags SkyScreamer will take riders up 24 stories in the air(that's higher than Darien Lake's Ride of Steel) and spin you around at 35 mph.


Just look at a smaller version of the Skyscreamer that can be found at Six Flags New England:

Did I say nope? How about HELL NO!

Now before you think I'm just a scardey cat, remember I've been riding roller coasters since before I can remember, I've done the Sky Coaster (Red Hawk) at Darien Lake, and I've even been skydiving where I jumped out of a plane at 13,500 feet!

This is where I draw the line though.

If this looks like something that you would absolutely love then more power to ya, but I'll stick to the Viper, Boomerang, Mind Eraser, Ride of Steel and Tantrum thank you.

I was really hoping they would announce another new coaster, but I guess that will have to wait.

On the plus side, Six Flags has announced that they will be selling 2019 season passes that are good for all Six Flags locations at 70% off through Labor Day weekend 2018. That's about $50 per pass.

Will you be taking on the Skyscreamer at Six Flags Darien Lake in 2019?


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