The governor believes "we're going to have a long two months" as New York is reaching COVID-19 numbers the state hasn't seen since the spring.

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo was a guest on ABC's This Week With George Stephanopoulos and offered some grim news about the ongoing battle with COVID-19.

"We're coming up to the worst two months I think that we may have seen vis-a-vis COVID. You see the numbers going crazy all across this country, all across the globe. Scientists said this was going to happen and you're seeing it in the Fall with the cold coming back, and we're going to have a long two months," Cuomo said.

On Monday, Cuomo confirmed 2.82 percent of all COVID-19 tests on Sunday came back positive. That's triple the level it was at just a few months ago. According to the New York State COVID-19 Tracker, over 3,100 New Yorkers have tested positive for the virus each day since Nov. 5. The last time the state reported that many new COVID-19 cases was May 2. 1,444 New Yorkers are currently hospitalized with the virus, the most since mid-June.

"Unfortunately, the Biden administration doesn't take office until January 20th. I know this was the election, but that's a long two months. And then after the Fall resurgence this administration is now starting to implement the vaccination plan. That's going to be very important and that's probably the largest test we've had since COVID started. The vaccination plan is a huge undertaking. 330 million people have to be vaccinated. This nation only did 120 million COVID tests in 7 months. If this administration rolls out a flawed vaccination plan, it's going to be a problem because it's going to be very hard for the Biden administration to turn it back. But I think you'll see a different tone now. I think you'll even see some Governors start to take a different tone now that Mr. Trump is out of office. I think the political pressure of denying COVID is gone. I think you'll see scientists speak with an unmuzzled voice now. And I think the numbers are going to go up, and Americans are going to get how serious this is," Cuomo told George Stephanopoulos.

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