Driving on the New York State Thruway can be a task. You have to pay at the toll booths. What if those toll booths weren't there anymore?

Govenor Andrew Cuomo announced plans to eliminate toll booths from the New York State Thruway by 2020 in his 2018 "State of the State" address. Now, before you get too excited, that doesn't mean the road will be free to travel on.

He said the switch to "cashless tolls" would reduce congestion and improve travel times. In a description of the proposal, the state said it plans to install license plate readers and state-of-the-art homeland security devices. In other states that have done away with toll booths, such as Massachusetts, officials have installed large metal "gantries" that scan license plates as cars pass beneath them without having to slow down."

So, no free rides. This technology he's proposing will automatically charge drivers with E-ZPass transponders. The state would end up mailing bills to drivers who do not have E-ZPass.

Just when you thought New York travel might be easier, it doesn't mean it'll be cheaper.


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